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Machine Room Less Passenger Lift-DIESHENG Series
Machine Room Less Passenger Lift-DIESHENG Series
Type:SJ-Victor MRL
Load range:630 - 1050kg
Speed range:1.0 - 1.75m/s
Traction machine:Permanent magnet synchronous gear-less traction machine
Door operator:Permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion door operator
Control cabinet:Dual 32 - bit microcomputer integrated control
Product Details

DIESHENG Series machine room less passenger lift is a product lunched to satisfied the utilizationrate of space to maximum of the architectural space,Use the ultra-thin disk-type of traction machine allows architects to have greater flexibility and convenience in their designs; in the meanwhile,the special structure of the disk-type of traction machine makes the motor rotate at a low speed, which makes the elevator run reliably for a longer time. Ideal choice for small space.