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Hospital Elevator-JIERUN Series
Hospital Elevator-JIERUN Series
Type:SJ-Victor, SJ-Victor MRL
Load range:1000 - 1600kg
Speed range:1.0 - 1.75 m/s
Traction machine:Permanent magnet synchronous gear-less traction machine
Door operator:Permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion door operator
Control cabinet:Dual 32 - bit microcomputer integrated control
Product Details

DIESHENG Series hospital lift  fully considered the particularity of the environment in hospitals and sanitariums, when Surapid designing it, from conveying patients point of view adopted variable frequency and variable pressure (VVVF) control and car displacement absolute memory technology, makes the elevator start and stop smoothly;running smoothly makes patients feel more comfortable; Soft and warm interior decoration, let passengers feel the meticulous humanistic care. Strengthening the safety property design, effectively reduce the probability of accident failure,and guarantee the safety of patients with movement difficulties. An ideal choice for hospitals and sanitariums.